What is What the Frock!?

It’s amazing dresses at affordable prices.

The right dress can make any woman, at any stage of her life, feel incredible. But here in Maine, finding the perfect dress can be a challenge. Just think about when you’ve tried to find a dress for a wedding, work party or special event. Department stores don’t have the variety you’re looking for, and smaller boutiques can be pricey with a limited range of sizes.

I feel a woman shouldn’t be turned away from a store because it doesn’t carry her size. That she shouldn’t feel insecure because she can’t spend a week’s salary on one outfit. And that she shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for price, especially when budgets are tighter than ever.

That’s why I started What the Frock!? I scour the Earth looking for dresses that meet every budget and every waistline. And I focus exclusively on high-end and designer consignment – dresses that are made of finer fabrics and are made by the designer labels women know and trust.

But you don’t pay designer prices, because the dresses I sell are gently used or pre-owned and in like-new condition.  I believe in “paying it forward” – your once beloved prom or wedding dress can make someone's important day even more amazing. And, you make some cash to put toward your own special outfit.

If you’re ready to find the perfect outfit for that special event, or want to sell some of your own treasured dresses, give me a call or send me an email (alison@wtfrock.com).  

Happy shopping!




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